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Aqua Therapy Clinics of Gilbert, AZ is a state of the art physical therapy and wellness center. Their unique approach to health has established them as the go-to source for rehabilitation, stress relief, and athletic performance services.

Clients come in search of relaxation therapy and treatment plans. Relaxation therapy leaves the body suspended in an isolation chamber floating atop concentrated salt water. It is the highest form of rest and recovery available. Treatment plans include conventional physical therapy practices as well.

“Aqua Therapy Clinics (ATC) Welcomes You to the FUTURE in Rehabilitation and Pain Management: FLOTATION THERAPY!” The pricing options feature package deals for increased savings:

• Single Session: $79/hour
• Basic Membership: $59 for one 60 minute session a month
• Plus Membership: $99 for two 60 minute sessions a month
• Premium Membership: $180 for four 60 minute sessions a month

Before you sign up for services, you are welcome to have a free initial consultation to determine if aqua therapy is the right treatment.

Aqua Therapy Clinics is constantly looking for ways to add to their services. In their quest for holistic wellness, they also offer nutrition plans, exercise regimens, and various therapies like acupuncture. It is an honor to contribute to people’s health, and it is a role they never take for granted. Call Aqua Therapy Clinics for a quick and easy consultation, and learn about their various promotional offers!

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