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The future of rehabilitation is here! Aqua Therapy Clinics of Gilbert, AZ is a full service physical therapy and pain management center specializing in aqua therapy. Their unique approach to rehab has helped hundreds of patients find the relief they need to continue pursuing happy, fulfilling lives. Invasive procedures and pharmaceuticals are all too frequently called upon at the first sign of pain. The truth is that a natural approach to healing is all the body needs to respond in kind.

Aqua therapy is based on the followings:

● Athleticism—Float tanks used in aqua therapy promote muscle growth and strength gain. The body works faster and harder after a relaxing flotation session. Aqua Therapy Clinics is proud to have four float tanks available.

● Lactic Acid Relief—Lactic acid builds up in the muscles after a strenuous workout, causing pain and swelling. This hinders the natural cycle of development. The body can rest more efficiently in a flotation pod versus a normal bed. This does not replace normal sleep – the athlete still needs to get REM hours. However, it does improve physical recovery exponentially. For example, training a particular muscle group requires 48 hours of sleep for recovery, or one hour in a pod.

● Learning—The theta state the mind enters as a child can be triggered while in a flotation pod. It maximizes concentration and prepares the user to learn and retain knowledge at an exceptional rate.

There is no shortage of possibilities when using aqua therapy. The body and mind are given a chance to experience a pure state of relaxation and focus. It is perfect for any athlete, or anyone dealing with chronic pain and stress. Ask the team at Aqua Therapy Clinics of Gilbert, AZ about their unique approach to recovery!

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