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Aqua Therapy Clinics of Gilbert, AZ is an all-inclusive physical therapy and sports therapy practice. Their experts in pain and stress management consistently improve rehabilitation efforts for clients. With the four float pods on site, the physical therapists will put together a comprehensive game plan to find relief for each patient. By working with the patient’s physician, therapists get a unique understanding into the patient’s strength, flexibility, and endurance goals, and acts accordingly.

Physical therapy includes:

● Pain Management—In addition to flotation, therapy, the physical therapist will reduce pain and swelling through manual techniques, ultrasound, and electric stimulation. Once the healing process has taken effect, the key structures can be built up to maintain healing.

● Exercise—All physical therapy is based in exercise. A combination of stretching, low impact movements, and core strengthening will have the patient back to normal in no time. Only a strong muscle and bone structure can keep the body safe from further injury.

● Neurological Conditions—Aqua therapy has also been shown to help with neurological conditions. This includes stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

● Chronic Pain—Chronic pain sufferers understand the need for physical therapy. Invasive surgeries and costly pharmaceuticals are often unattractive options for dealing with pain. A combination of physical therapy and flotation therapy could be just the solution.

● Meditation—Flotation therapy is also renowned for its relaxing properties. Users enter a state of meditation, and a shift in brainwave patterns to the theta state occurs. Meditation masters spend their entire lives pursuing this treasured state of being. Pod users can enter it with one session!

The team at Aqua Therapy Clinics of Gilbert, AZ can also help to form nutritional plans and any other methods necessary to support a happy, active life. Reach out to their friendly staff today, and make an appointment with a physical therapist!

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